The Octet which I composed in 2010, 'A Kaleidoscope alike...' is a chamber music composition for four wind players and four strings, commissioned by the province of West-Flanders, Belgium, and written for the Ensemble Arco Baleno. It has been put on CD by these musicians and did come out at the beginning of May this year. The CD can be bought on the website of Arco Baleno

- Some new scores are to be found on the section 'Works': Last I composed on request of Marc Michael De Smet, the conductor of chamber choir 'Aquarius', an a cappella composition on the famous poem written by Wilfred Owen 'Anthem for Doomed Youth'. It is a dirge in commemoration of all the fallen soldiers during that horrible Great War. Together with score I composed two other songs, namely 'To his Love' on a poem by Ivor Gurney and 'Urtod' on a German peom by August Stramm. These three songs are compiled under 'A Memorial for Doomed Youth'.

- 'Life' for mixed choir a cappella on a poem by Charlotte Bronte (SSAATTBB), and, 'Illumina faciem tuam' a motet for male choir a cappella (TTBB).

- We also shortly expect the publication on cd of my 'Divertimento for clarinet solo and concert band, with as soloist, Eddy Vanoosthuyze, accompanied by The Royal Belgian Band of the Guides.

- In 2012 we are expecting the publication by Edition Hoeflich in Muenchen of the entirety of my compositions for mixed a cappella choir based on English Poetry written by Dickinson, Blake, e.o. All the numbers will be separately available.

- Two new compositions for choir are to be found: A motet for male choir a cappella (TTBB) 'Haec est dies quam fecit Dominus', and, 'Sneeuw' for mixed choir a capella (SSAATTBB) on a poem by the flemish poet, Roland Jooris.

- Quilisma, Oudenaarde, is planning to perform the four motets for male choir a cappella during a concert in the coming month of May.

- The well-known trumpet player and professor at the Ghent Music Conservatory plans a CD-project in which he will make a compilation of the trumpet music composed in the second half of the preceding century in Belgium. He wants to involve in that project my 'Ballad for Trumpet and Piano' which he will perform with the pianist Geert Callaert.

- On the 24th, 25th and 26th of August will take place the recording of a Cd with music for mixed choir on English texts with the Ensemble Aquarius conducted by Marc-Michael De Smet. The recordings will take place at the Karel Miry Hall of the Ghent Music Conservatory. The CD will come out in the course of 2013 and shall be distributed by the Belgian Firm ' Phaedra'.

- On the 14th of December 2014 the creation of 'Memorial for Doomed Youth' a suite of three songs for a cappella mixed choir based on three poems by three 'War poets', will take place at the Saint Nicholas Church at 04.00 p.m. in Diksmuide, Belgium. The songs will be created by the Chamber Choir Aquarius conducted by Marc Michael Desmet.

At the start of 2020 I made an arrangement of the 'Divertimento for Clarinet and piano' for 'Solo clarinet and Symphony Orchestra'. As their seemed to be still some interest for this virtuoso composition, I hope someone will put it on CD one of these days.

News for bassists: 

- Éléphantasia for Contrabass solo has been edited in the series of 'The Flemish Music Collection' of MPH in München. Of this piece exists a cd-recording played by the bass player of the music ensemble 'Arco Baleno'. The composition can be heard on their cd with as title 'Carnaval des Animaux'.

- Lately the solo player of 'The Brussels Philharrmonic', Jan Buysschaert, made a fine recording of my 'Thoughts on a Theme' for contrabass solo.

- 'Riflessioni per Contrabbasso e Pianoforte' is to be heard on the CD 'Reflexions on a Song' recorded by the brothers David, contrabass and Erik Desimpelaere piano. 

The well-known Belgian clarinetist Eddy Van Oosthuyse, is planning a recording on CD of the version of my 'Divertimento for Clarinet and Symphony Orchestra'. The versions for Clarinet and piano, Clarinet and Symphonic Band and Symphonic Orchestra will soon be available in a French edition. I keep my visitors informed about the date of come out.

To the attention of the male choirs.

To the attention of the male choirs. I composed the four Motets for male choir in 2009, and they will be edited by the good services of Euprint Edition in Hervelee, Belgium. These four motets are composed for four voices and can be sung during the catholic church services. But they can also find their way on a concert program. The four motets are composed for T.T.B.B. 

  • Rorate caeli
  • Viri Galilae
  • Illumina faciem tuam
  • Haec est dies quam fecit Dominus.

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