On this site you will find some excerpts out of my instrumental and vocal scores.

Instrumental Compositions

Opus 3

'Trio for Oboe, Clarinet and Bassoon' (1971). Trio in four parts: slow, fast, slow and fast. The composition contains many features which will define my style later on. Ed. Composers Management.

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Opus 10

'Triptych for Flute, Oboe and eight String players'. Jef Van Hoof Prize1974. This composition was composed for and dedicated to the leader, Georges Maes, and the colleagues of 'The Soloists of the Belgian Chamber Orchestra'. I played in this Chamber Orchestra till 1975. Ed. Composers Management.

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Opus 81

'As a Kaleidoscope alike ...': is an octet for four woodwind- and four string players commissioned in 2009 by the province of West-Flanders and first performed in November 2010 in Muenster, Germany, by the ensemble Arco Baleno. The score and parts are edited by: Musikproduktion Höflich München MHM, in the series 'Flemish Music.

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Choral Compositions

Let down the Bars, O Death

Poem: Emily Dickinson
Out of: "A Meeting with..." 1st volume, 1st part. A calm and thoughtful composition for choir a cappella (SATB), which can be sung during a funeral service. It also contrast very well with a more vivid piece during a concert.
Difficulty level: easy.
Excerpt: page 1

Rorate cœli désuper

Motet for male choir a cappella in four voices (TTBB) can be sung during the advent in the Roman Catholic Church. Requires a solid sound structure and a good intonation from the choir.
Difficulty level: medium.

Viri Galilaei

Motet for male choir a cappella in four voices (TTBB), period: The Ascension of Christ. As the preceding motet, it requires a solid sound structure, reliable tenor voices and a good rhythmical feeling.
Difficulty level: medium till almost difficult.
Excerpt: page 1

Sleep Now

Poem XXXIV out of "Chamber Music" by James Joyce.
From: "A Meeting with..." 2nd volume, 1st part (SATB). Composed on the basic rhythm of the 'Pavan' and elaborated as a lullaby alternated by bitter shouts.
Difficulty level. medium.
Excerpt: page 1

Vragend ...

Sonnet out of 'De Vlinderboom' by Anton van Wilderode for mixed a cappella choir (SSAATTBB). It is an evocation of the last prayer Carlos Quinto on his death-bed. This song is originally based on a Flemish poem, but there is also a translated version in English available. The song requires a very good male section.
Difficulty level: medium till almost difficult.
Excerpt: page 1

You ask why ...

Poem by the Chinese poet Li T'ai Po.
Out of "A Meeting with ...", 2nd volume, 2nd part. Song for mixed choir a cappella set in 5 voices (SAATB).
Technically a rather difficult piece which requires much rhythmical flexibility from the choir.
Difficulty level: for advanced choirs.
Excerpt: page 1

Amidst the Flowers

Tekst: Gedicht van Li Tai Po.
For male choir a cappella in four voices on a poem by Li T’ai Po, performed by ‘Camerata Musica Limburg’, (Germany) conducted by Jan Schumacher.
It was the first time I have chosen an in English translated poem by the in the eight century during the Tang Dynasty living Chinese poet Li T’ai Po. Most of his poems are starting from natural observations. In this case, being drunk and lonesome, he is gracefully toasting to his shadow and the moon.
This is a drunkard’s song in which I tried to show how a drunken poet is thinking and feeling while he is drinking. To imitate this situation I used a very well-known technical device: the canon, in which the voices are imitating rhythmically at a very short distance. At the end of the song I do end with a very classical means: with the well-known Picard third.
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Recording: :

A Tribute to Wiliam Blake

This is a song cycle consisting of eight songs on poems by William Blake for mixed a cappella choir and baritone solo. This song cycle was commissioned by The Festival of Flanders, department of Kortrijk in 2006 and created on 24th of November 2007 by the mixed choir ‘Helicon ‘of Lier, Belgium, conducted by Geert Hendrix. This is a live-recording of the creation concert which took place at the ‘Budascoop’ concert hall in Kortrijk. Seven of the eight songs were performed with the participation of Werner Van Mechelen, baritone solo. In 2018 'The Flemish Radio Choir' made a complete recording on CD. The version you can listen to is the life-recording by the Choir 'Helicon' which sung the world creation with Werner Van Mechelen as baritone-bass soloist.

Excerpts of the scorer:

A Tribute to William Blake: You will find a life recording of this music in the section 'Sound clips' on this site.  

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