Public recordings

  • “Quattro Movimenti” opus 8: The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra of Antwerp conducted by Frederic De Vreese (LP-Cultura: 5073BN2).
  • “Sonata for 2 Pianos” opus 25 performed by the piano Duo Kende-Hendrickx (LP-Perpsichore 1984 NV).
  • "Estetika" out of “Triptiek der Deernis” , opus 61 by the Goeyvaerts Consort Choir conducted by Marc-Michaël De Smet (AVA) CD.
  • “Saxophone Quartet” op. 31 played by The Brussels Saxophone Quartet (BRT 890021) CD.
  • “Due Pitture” op. 40 bis, a performance by Concert Band ‘Vooruit’ conducted by Geert Verschaeve. Recording: Eurosound Studio(NL)0 CD
  • “Five Concert Preludes” op.42bis performed by Yves Bourry, oboe solo and the Royal Concert Band Vooruit conducted by Geert Verschaeve. Recording: Eurosound Studio(NL). CD.
  • "Five Concert Preludes" opus 42 tris for Oboe solo and Symphony Orchestra by the 'Atanares Ensemble' conducted by Erik Desimpelaere with as soloist Tim Van Thuyne. Video recording.
  • "Elephantasia" op. 66 a recording by Gabriela Fragner, contrabass solo. (Etcetera/ KTC 1266)CD
  • “Four serious Songs” op. 44 sung by the Flemish Radio Choir conducted by Vic Nees (Phaedra 92006à) CD
  • “Clarinet Quartet” op. 31bis played by The Leblanc Benelux Clarinet Ensemble conducted by Eddy Vanoosthuyse. Digital editing: Chapel Studio Tilburg.
  • “Thoughts on a Theme” for Contrabass solo with Frank Coppieters as a soloist (Rene Gailly 86 006) CD
  • “Violin Concerto” op. 38 with Henri Raudales, violin solo and The New Flemish Symphony Orchestra conducted by Patrick Peire (Rene Gailly: 87 063) CD
  • “Due Pitture” op. 40 performed by The New Flemish Symphony Orchestra conducted by Dirk Brossé (Rene Gailly 87 080) CD
  • "Tredici Miniature" op. 64 for Flute/piccolo and String Quartet performed by The Ensemble Arco Baleno with Peter Verhoyen, flute. (Rene Gailly: 87 169) CD.
  • "A Letter to the World". A demo-cd with The Goeyvaerts Consort Choir conducted by Marc-Michaël De Smet.
  • Five Movements for Wind Quintet' with the Ensemble Quintessence. UE by SonyDADC Austria AG.Harelbekian Composers.(2011)
  • 'A Kaleidoscope alike ...' Octet for flute, oboi, clarinet, bassoon, violin, viola, cello and double bass. Issued by 'Senza Nome'. Performed by the members of the Chamber Ensemble 'Arco Baleno' (2012).
  • Riflessione per Contrabbasso ed pianoforte, op CD 'Reflections on a Song'. Ed. Phaedra met David Desimpelaere, double bass and Erik Desimpelaere, piano.
  • 'A Meeting with Roland Coryn' Choral Music for mixed choir a cappella on English poems with the Aquarius Chamber Choir conducted by Marc Michaël de Smet.
  • 'Five Bagatelles for Flute solo' with Natalia Jarzabek, principal flutist of 'The Crakow Symphony Orchestra', on the CD '900 Miles' by Etcetera recordings KTC 1546.
  • 'Per violoncello solo' was released by the production house ET'CETERA' in 2022 under the title 'Virtuoso music for solo cello in Belgium', with my son Herwig Coryn as soloist. On this CD, he performs a series of works by my contemporaries and also by some of my former students.

Private recordings

  • Due Cantici:A live recording of a concert given by The Flemish Radio Choir conducted by Johan Duijck.
  • There is another Sky: A live recording of a concert given by The Flemish Radio Choir conducted by Johan Duijck.
  • A Meeting with… , 1ste volume, part 1,2 and 3: a live recording by the choir Dulcisona conducted by Marian Steyaert.
  • Riflessioni per Contrabbasso ed Pianoforte: a live recording with David Desimpelaere, contrabass solo and Erik Desimpelaere, piano; A live recording made at The Muiselhuisconcerten.
  • Saxophone Quartet, a live recording by the group 'Sax-appeal' and technically mastered by The Muiselhuisconcerten. September 2003.
  • Winds of Dawn – Missa da pacem performed by: Katherine Vandevelde, soprano – Andrew Wicks, tenor – Stuart McIntyre, baritone – The Gents Madrigaalkoor, The Flemish Radio choir – The children's choir 'Rondinella' and The Symphonic Orchestra of Flanders conducted by Johan Duijck. Live-recording at De Singel 12.11.2000. Signum Sound Productions. Available at the office of The Symphony Orchestra of Flanders.
  • Zes Liederen for High voice with The Ensemble of Contemporary Music conducted by Bart Bouckaert with Katrien Baerts, soprano. A live recording at The Brussels Music Conservatory.
  • Sonate for Viola and Piano: ;

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